Commercial Drone Pilot Process

(Remote Pilot Certification with a sUAS Rating) 

You Can Be a Drone Pilot!

*** This Process Is Not Applicable to Current Pilots ***

1. Study for Drone Test

2. Choose Test Site

3. Sign Up through CATS or LaserGrade (PSI) - Cost $150

4. Take Test

  • Bring Simple Calculator

  • Bring Plotter and Divider (if desired, not necessary)

5. Pass Test - Congratulations!

  • If Failed, Must Wait 14 Days for Retake

6. Wait 24-72 Hours to Submit Application in IACRA 

7. A Temporary Certification Issued  (2-4 Days) through E-mail

8. Permanent Certification Issued through Mail (Good for 2 Years)

  • Pending TSA Investigation

  • FAA Processing Completion



9. Register Drone with FAA - Cost $5 per Drone (Good for 3 Years)

  • Mark Drone with Certificate Number

*** This Process Is Not Applicable to Current Pilots ***

Drone Business Applications

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