Jon Marek, MBA, owner/operator of Drones For Your Business, has 18 years of experience in aviation reconnaissance and training. He has accrued over 3,000 flight hours in manned and unmanned military aircraft.
He has directed Naval Aviation safety and training departments and served at the executive level. As a program manager, he coordinated the most comprehensive overhaul of Naval Flight Officer training since the Vietnam War.
In 2015, Jon led the U.S. commercial drone industry as the 31st company approved by the FAA to operate drones legally under the Section 333 exemption.
The FAA Part 107 rule went into effect on August 29, 2016, making the Section 333 exemption obsolete. The FAA has simplified the process for businesses to operate drones. (Click Here to Learn More about the Commercial Drone Process)

Use of released U.S. Navy imagery does not constitute product or organizational endorsement of any kind by the U.S. Navy.

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